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Ministry of Health Registration Certification

a) Before December 20, if all the subjects, annual or semester and of the same degree, have their first exam in the month of June. b) Before November 15, if any of the subjects have their first exam in the month of February.

2.- Partial cancellation: The cancellation of the registration of all the subjects of a semester may be requested by means of a reasoned and justified request (family, medical, work or other reasons) addressed to the Direction of the center. The resolutions of total or partial cancellation of enrollment will be resolved by the Permanence Commission of the center and may be appealed before the Permanence Commission of the University of Zaragoza. 3.- In the case of first year undergraduate students, and if any of the subjects have the first call in February, the enrollment may be cancelled until December 31 if this cancellation allows access to a person who is on the waiting list for those studies.

National registration

The total amount to be paid shall not be less than 350 euros. This amount will not be applicable if the student enrolls for all the subjects or credits pending to finish studies and the total price does not exceed this amount.

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If you are in one of the following situations, you are entitled to exemption from all or part of the fees, except those corresponding to the school insurance, and in some cases, those of the secretarial services.  To do so, you must indicate this on the registration form and provide the corresponding documentation.

If you have applied for a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and you indicate it at the time of registration, you will only pay the administrative fees and the subjects not covered by the scholarship (second and subsequent registration). If the scholarship is finally denied, the remaining amount will be charged to your account in a single installment.

Consult registration number

In order to prepare your registration, it is necessary to read the information on this website. If you have any questions, you can call the University Admissions Service at (+34) 948 425614, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 3.30 pm to 5 pm (the office is closed on Saturdays) *From June 15 to August 31 the office is open from 9.30 am to 2 pm.

International students must apply for enrollment even if they do not yet have their baccalaureate certificate or access credential issued by the UNED; in these cases, enrollment will be provisional, and will be conditional on providing one of these documents before October 31.

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All students must complete the registration form by filling in personal and family data. Then they will see the subjects they are going to take and finally, the system calculates the amount of the registration fee. You must indicate the forms of payment that you are going to use and that add up to the total amount of the registration fee. If there is any doubt about the form of payment, you can indicate it in the “Observations” section, but it is always necessary to specify the form of payment for the total amount of the registration fee.

Consult professional registration

Where to submit the documents: At the University Master’s Degree Service, by appointment at CIGES. Documentation to be submitted after completing the enrollment: (if you cannot submit the documents in person you can send all documents through the registry of one of the offices described in Article 16.4 of Law 39/2015. In those offices they can notarize the documents you send). The address of the International Graduate School is Avda. Madrid, 13. 18071 Granada. Students of the Master’s Degree in Teaching will receive information from the specific administrative team in October.

Foreign graduates with an accredited degree. Original of the degree with which they have accessed the Master (or proof of having paid the fees for its issuance), or credential of homologation of the foreign degree and copy for its verification.

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Students who wish to do so may request a special call for a subject in which they have been enrolled in previous years, provided that they are missing a maximum of two subjects to complete their studies, without taking into account the Master’s Thesis.

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