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– Friday from 5pm to 10pm. In all cases, including exemptions, these vehicles must circulate under the prior communication regime through the link available at

Exempted from this restriction are vehicles or sets of vehicles under special transport regime and special vehicles linked to fire fighting, rescue or road maintenance that circulate providing a documented emergency service.

This restriction is also not applicable to all types of special vehicles, whether they require special authorization to circulate or not, including self-propelled lifting vehicles, which carry out tasks of assistance to damaged or accident vehicles at the place of the incident or in the transfer to the point where they must be deposited, with the essential vacuum approach and return.

This traffic restriction does not apply either to self-propelled lifting vehicles or to vehicles circulating under a special transport regime that can document that they must provide a service linked to a municipal administrative traffic schedule.

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Additional lanes in the opposite direction to the usual on segregated roads to decongest the carriageway with more traffic intensity.Additional lanes on conventional roads taking advantage of the existence of wide shoulders in the majority direction of travel.

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These lanes are opened depending on the volume of traffic and also if the speed of vehicles at the entrance to the measure is sufficiently slowed down to ensure the safety of users who want to access it. Sometimes, there are certain situations that make it impossible to implement the measure: this is the case of rain, which would increase the risk situations when driving in the opposite direction to the usual direction of travel.

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Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users, together with pedestrians and cyclists. The risk of a motorcyclist having an accident is higher and the consequences can be more serious because of the lower stability and lack of protection offered by motorcycles. To avoid accidents it is important that the motorcyclist has a good command of the motorcycle. In this sense, the Catalan Traffic Service offers the training activity called ‘Training 3.0’. These are practical driving sessions adapted to all levels that take place on open roads, frequented by motorcyclists and at risk of accidents. Participants are guided and recorded by the instructors, who then watch the recordings and comment on any unsafe attitudes or errors they have observed.

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1. Speed inappropriate to the environment: excessive speed when entering a curve. This happens because of the confidence conveyed by modern motorcycles; the rider overestimates his capabilities and when he enters too fast, he punishes the front wheel tire too much.

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In transport operations that must be carried out totally or partially outside the RIMP, the circulation itinerary will be the one offered on the website or the one that meets the following criteria:

It is necessary to act in the same way when the itinerary must be abandoned to go to and from the carrier’s logistics base, to the mandatory rest place, to the vehicle repair and maintenance workshop, to an official tank wash, to a specially enabled parking lot, to a refueling station or to other essential places as long as the route of the transport operation is returned to the same route taken and the safety and security conditions provided for by regulations in the ADR are guaranteed.

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It is also exempt from restrictions if the transport is carried out in accordance with any of the exemptions included in the ADR due to the cargo, quantity or type of transport, without prejudice to the restrictions established for vehicles transporting goods in general that may be applied to them.

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