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One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we pass the practical test, is how long it takes to get the driving license home, so today in PF Seguridad Vial we tell you everything you need to know.

Once the DGT has received this documentation, it must take care of the provisional driver’s license, and must process the documentation and paperwork to order the definitive driver’s license.

The provisional driver’s license takes approximately one week to arrive, although this process may take longer than a week, or may even take less than a week to arrive. If it takes longer than this estimated time, you should contact your driving school, or even the Jefatura de Tráfico to process it.

As for how long it takes for the final driving license to arrive, we must take into account that the estimated delivery time of the license is usually one month, although as in the previous case, it may be delayed for a couple of months. In spite of this, we will be able to circulate with the provisional license since it is valid for three months, which is more than enough time to receive the definitive license.

What to do if I have not received my driver’s license?

By phone, you can check the status of your driver’s license through the 060 phone number. After checking your data, we will tell you its status.

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How long does the 2022 driver’s license take to arrive?

As for how long it takes to receive the final driver’s license, we must take into account that the estimated delivery time of the license is usually one month, although as in the previous case, it may be delayed for a couple of months.

How long does it take to send the renewed driver’s license?

As the DGT explains in its new Electronic Headquarters, it normally takes a month and a half to produce the physical card with the definitive permit; so to avoid you having to worry about going to the Traffic Office to pick it up, the DGT sends it by mail directly to your home.

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Skip to main contentMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsMTC implemented a digital platform for driver’s license consultationPress ReleaseCitizens can access information on their brevete, points system, driver’s record, unpaid tickets with just one click.Photos: MTCMTC July 5, 2022 – 11:53 a. m.The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has implemented a new digital platform for driver’s license consultation where citizens can access detailed information on drivers of major and minor vehicles with just one click.

On the other hand, users will be able to choose the window that says “Points” to access the data of the points-based driver’s license control system and verify the road safety courses in which they may have participated as well as the record of points bonuses if applicable.

Dgt points

When do I have to renew it? The Dirección General de Tráfico allows you to start the renewal process three months before the expiration date. However, if the date is anticipated, this does not mean that the validity of the new document will be reduced, as it will start on the day on which the old license expired. Although the DGT warns: you can renew in advance as long as you have not lost the validity of your license because you have lost all your points.

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driving license from home through the Internet. It is done with the Electronic Registry. To do so, it is necessary to have an electronic DNI or a valid electronic certificate or your [email protected] credentials to access. Also, as the submission of the document must be signed, it is important that the driver verifies that he/she has downloaded the AutoFirma program before making the registration.

But not everything can be done from home. Drivers must obtain a personal psycho-physical fitness report. It is not an exam but a medical test that is always done in person at an authorized Driver Recognition Center. The report expires after 90 working days, so the interested party has three months to start the renewal procedures.

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Getting a driver’s license is an achievement and an event, especially for those who have invested a lot of time and money in its preparation and have achieved it after several attempts. But when that happens, the question arises: how long does it take to get our final license and how is it processed?

The production and dispatch of the final driving license, as well as the consultation of its processing status are in any case free of charge. Similarly, the license can be conveniently downloaded to the cell phone through the official application of Traffic, miDGT , which is also free and is available for both Android and iOS . In this way the user can always check his license and points. The digital license has the same validity as the physical one.

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In this service for smartphones you can consult much more information about our vehicle, such as technical data, environmental badge, ITV, insurance … and also manage and pay fines, identify who was driving the car at the time of the offense if we were not us, check the authenticity of documents issued by the DGT or receive notifications of interest by the agency.

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