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The Lynk & Co 01 is an SUV that can be purchased for a closed price of 500 euros per month and with which you can also do business through ‘carsharing’. We have been able to test the plug-in hybrid version, which is also sold in property for 40,500 euros.

Is there anything else to pay during the loan of the Lynk & Co 01? Gasoline and electricity to recharge the battery in the case of the plug-in hybrid. There is no insurance – one with an excess of 500 euros is included – or anything else. And in the event of a breakdown you have to go to a Volvo workshop, since this SUV shares a platform with the XC40.

Beyond this ‘Netflix model’ with which to enjoy the Lynk & Co 01, the differentiating aspect offered by the company is the option for customers to earn money with their car. How? Through ‘carsharing’. With the Lynk & Co application, the owner, whether he or she uses this pay-per-use model or buys the car in the traditional way, can advertise his or her vehicle so that other members of the community, who do not have to own a vehicle, can use it. The price to be agreed is free, from Lynk & Co they recommend between 5 and 7 euros per hour and between 30 and 40 per day. Users will give and receive ratings and evaluations so that the rest can know what to expect.

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Lynk & co models

The Lynk & Co 01 offers enormous simplicity of supply from two electrified propulsion systems: a self-recharging hybrid with a total output of 197 hp and a 261 hp plug-in hybrid. In both cases, the traction is front-wheel drive and the thermal engine is a three-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine -although the power is different, 143 hp in the hybrid and 179 in the plug-in hybrid- associated with a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.

It was this plug-in hybrid that, briefly, we were able to drive. Most of the journey was made in an urban section, although we were also able to drive on high-capacity roads, in some cases with the speed limited to 120 km/h.

The average consumption on this route was 1.8 l/100 km because the Lynk & Co 01 plug-in hybrid proved to be very electric: the use of the electric motor takes precedence over the use of the heat engine when the Hybrid mode is activated. In fact, you have to go beyond a gentle acceleration to get the 1.5 to start up and both work in unison.

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La industria automovilística china no ha tenido un gran impacto en el mercado europeo. Sin embargo, en los últimos años la tendencia está en claro proceso de cambio. Han aparecido nuevos actores como DFSK y Lynk & Co. marcas comercializadas bajo el paraguas de grandes productores que quieren atraer a los clientes con productos tan interesantes como el Lynk & Co 01, el primer producto de la firma en llegar al viejo continente.

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Detrás de la firma Lynk & Co se esconde uno de los mayores grupos automovilísticos del mundo, el Grupo Geely, propietario de diferentes empresas como Lotus o Volvo. El 01 trata de posicionarse como uno más entre el competitivo segmento generalista europeo. Se trata de un SUV compacto que tiene que hacer frente a una de las competiciones más duras del mercado, con rivales con mucho más nombre y recorrido.

Aunque no fue hasta 2021 cuando el producto comenzó su comercialización en Europa, lleva a la venta desde 2017, aunque originalmente se denominó Geely CX11. El 01 es solo el primer producto de la firma en llegar, pero tras él se espera el desembarco de más modelos y más carrocerías. Desde SUV de mayor tamaño hasta berlinas convencionales. Todo ello apoyado en una estrategia de alta eficiencia con motores electrificados.

Lynk & co origin

A plug-in hybrid SUV that you will not need to purchase in property since, in fact, does not have physical dealers. Yes it will have the so-called clubs, recently opened in Barcelona and later in Madrid, with which, in their own words they seek to “reinvent the concept of mobility, as they will be an innovative alternative to conventional dealerships, conceived as a creative and sustainable meeting place”.

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From there, two options are open to acquire this Lynk & Co 01. The first, the normal purchase, on-line, after payment of the 44,500 euros it costs in hand. The second and more interesting, the monthly subscription, in the style of Netflix, HBO or Spotify, although logically somewhat more expensive. Specifically, you will get it for 500 euros per month and you are always assured of having a brand new car… or almost because although it already has more than 800 cars in circulation, not all the ones you get will be kilometer zero but there will be some that have a few kilometers and that another customer has decided to ‘release’.

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