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Driving a wide selection of cars, ranging from production models to exceptional and legendary cars, has always been at the forefront of the series, and GT7 is no exception to this philosophy. In its most recent chapter, more than 400 cars from over 60 automakers were included, and more models will be added through future updates.

In “World Circuits,” players will have access to the various tracks included in GT7. From there, they can visit all types of tracks and participate in the races and championships that are organized, along with other activities. There is also “Circuit Experience”, which focuses on learning all the sectors of a track, as well as “Custom Race”, where the weather conditions, time of day, number of laps and rival cars can be freely defined.

GT7 has a wide variety of fun activities beyond the many races that make up the main part of the experience. One example of these activities is the “License Center”: an iconic game mode that has served as a driving school since the first installment. There, players can take short time trials to earn gold trophies and hone their skills.

¿Cuántos coches tendrá Gran Turismo 7?

Con más de 400 coches disponibles, los jugadores de Gran Turismo 7 van a tener que machacarse mucho si quieren completar sus colecciones de coches.

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¿Gran Turismo 7 añadirá coches?

La actualización de este mes de Gran Turismo 7 introducirá tres coches nuevos y un circuito con licencia adicional en el juego, según reveló Polyphony Digital el miércoles.

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The appeal of the Gran Turismo series is significantly due to its graphics, a large number of licensed vehicles, attention to vehicle detail, accurate emulation of driving physics and the ability to tune performance, hence the subtitle “The Real Driving Simulator”, incorporated into the franchise’s iconography since Gran Turismo 4. Vehicle handling is based on real-life driving impressions, tuning is based on physics principles and vehicle engine sound is based on recordings of actual vehicles. The game has been a flagship of the PlayStation console’s graphical capabilities and is often used to demonstrate the system’s potential.

Although Gran Turismo has an arcade mode, most of the game is derived from its simulation mode. Players start with a certain amount of credits, usually 10,000, which are used to purchase vehicles at various manufacturer-specific stores, or (more likely at first) used car dealerships, and then tune their car at the appropriate parts store to get the best performance. Certain events are open only to particular types of vehicles. To enter and progress through more difficult races, a license testing system was implemented, which guides players through skill development. Players can apply prize money earned in events to upgrade their existing car or buy a new one by collecting a garage of vehicles.

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Gran Turismo 7 will be the next installment of the famous Gran Turismo series developed by Polyphony Digital, a Sony Interactive Entertainment studio. As we already advanced a few months ago with the provisional car list, now we have got the final list of GT7 vehicles.

Just in time for the release date of Gran Turismo 7 which will be March 4, 2022, available for PS5 and PS4. We have finally got the final list of cars that will be available at the start of the Gran Turismo 7 release.

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Since its launch, Gran Turismo 7 has been adding new features at a great pace. More cars, more tracks, more Scapes? Now, the new single-seater announced on the occasion of the grand finale of the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Nations Cup has every chance of being your favorite: Ferrari has unveiled its Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, and it’s not only a real eye-catcher, it’s an absolute beast on the tarmac.

It is also a very special milestone: the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo is the first single-seater prototype created by Ferrari for the world of virtual motorsports. Something that, in the specific case of Gran Turismo 7, is much more than just a digitally recreated model.

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Let’s start from the basics: unlike other motorsport games, in Gran Turismo the racing performance of each car and characteristics such as aerodynamics or physics are addressed through a real simulation system instead of preset data and parameters.

But, apart from the ambition to give the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo realism in terms of driving, it is a vehicle recreated from top to bottom for car enthusiasts:

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