Multes servei catala de transit

Multes servei catala de transit

Identify driver servei català de trànsit

These cameras are equipped with a technology based on artificial intelligence, which is capable of detecting whether the driver of the vehicle is committing any of the aforementioned infractions. The device photographs all vehicles on the roadside indiscriminately and, through an automated filtering procedure, performs a sieve and only sends to the computer system those files that have a high probability of showing an infraction.

Infringements beyond the cell phone and seat beltThese high-definition devices shoot a burst of 50 photos per second and are equipped with license plate recognition technology. This allows them not only to check whether the driver is wearing a seat belt or using a cell phone, but also to pursue other types of violations without the need for human resources. For example, the cameras can detect whether vehicles are covered by compulsory insurance or whether they are driving with an expired MOT.

How do I know if I have a fine in Catalonia?

You have to enter the website of the Tablón Edictal de Sanciones (TESTRA) where you can access the notifications of sanctioning procedures of the DGT, traffic services of Catalonia and the Basque Country and more than 900 municipalities. You do not need to be registered or have a digital certificate.

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How to pay a fine from the Servei Català de Transit?

Pay by credit card, directly at the offices of the Territorial Traffic Services. Ask for an appointment. By card, by calling 012 (from Catalonia) or 932 142 124 (from outside Catalonia).

How do I know if I have been fined in Barcelona?

On the DGT website ( with electronic ID or digital certificate.

Testra fines

Fines for violating the established traffic regulations. They can be for speeding, ingestion of alcohol or drugs, non-compliance with the low emission zone, for not having identified the driver of an infraction…

These would be drivers of vehicles who have ingested or incorporated psychotropic drugs, stimulants or other analogous substances into their organism, including, in any case, medicines or other substances under the effect of which the physical or mental state suitable for driving without danger is altered:

If the driver is not identified (when obliged) or is identified in an untruthful manner, the person owning the vehicle is sanctioned for this infraction. The fine is calculated in relation to the amount of the initial fine:

50% discount: if the fine is paid within 20 calendar days counted from the time of notification. The offender waives the right to make allegations and to identify the driver, if necessary.

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Contact servei català de trànsit

Between January 24, 2007 and Valentine’s Day ’08, a radar located on the T-11 road, in Reus (Tarragona) under the competence of the SCT, fined more drivers than they deserved for speeding. Some 530 drivers jumped through the hoops and paid between 91 and 600 euros, but the rest complained.

The SCT knew that the radar was not working properly due to some works being carried out nearby, so they replaced it with a new one. When they saw that it continued to fail, all the sanctioning files were annulled. If you have received a “flaseo” in the area between the mentioned dates, you have nothing to worry about, no matter how fast you were going.

Consult fines catalonia

In this way, the Dirección General de Tráfico will only notify fines to legal entities through the DEV and will stop communicating them through paper. In addition, they will have to provide a cell phone number and an e-mail address to receive notices of fines and other types of communications.

For those companies that do not have a DEV on the communicated date, the DGT will assign one ex officio. If you are an individual, here are several ways to check if you have outstanding fines.

If you do not want your personal data to be visible to everyone who enters TESTRA, you can request to be added to the list of excluded persons. To do this, you must have a digital certificate or electronic ID that guarantees your identification and authenticity of the data or those of the person you authorize.

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Even simpler, because it avoids you having to access TESTRA periodically, is to register the Electronic Road Address (DEV). This voluntary and free service for all citizens allows you to receive in your e-mail any notification of fines, communications from the DGT and other administrations with sanctioning powers in traffic matters that are registered in TESTRA. For legal entities or companies it is mandatory to register in the DEV for all the vehicles they register. More information about the Electronic Road Address.

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