Mina de litio en caceres

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The exploitation of an open-pit mine located in the vicinity of the city protected by UNESCO is facing key weeks. In this area alone, the Board is processing mining permits for more than 9,000 hectares.

One of the colors that must first be sorted out to understand the Rubik’s cube of Valdeflores is the recognition that Cáceres obtained in 1986 as a World Heritage Site. The planned extraction area is less than three kilometers from the historic center of the municipality, a separation that is reduced to about half as far as the new hospital, the university campus or the sports city, as can be verified with a cartographic map. Can Cáceres lose the title of world heritage site with the implementation of the mining project?

“How many times are we going to have to vote? Or are we waiting for a new representation so that the result will be different? We don’t know. I think they are stalling for time,” reflects the spokeswoman for Unidas Podemos. The PSOE councilman understands however that “the fact of returning to discuss this at a time when it seems that there is a media offensive to move the project forward is legitimate. Updating the opinion seems positive to me”.

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Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (“Infinity” o “la Compañía”) se complace en anunciar la inclusión de su filial española Extremadura New Energies en la importante alianza público-privada SOI H2-ALEX (“H2-ALEX” o “el Grupo”). El Grupo se centra en el desarrollo del hidrógeno verde en el suroeste de la Península Ibérica y, concretamente, en las regiones de Alentejo y Extremadura (“ALEX”), en España y Portugal.

El Grupo, en alianza con unas 30 entidades, está centrado en el avance de un proyecto ibérico de hidrógeno verde y un gasoducto desde Sines (Lisboa) en Portugal hasta Puertollano (Ciudad Real) en España, con un ramal extendido hasta Cáceres. Extremadura Nuevas Energías firmó un Memorando de Entendimiento con la empresa de ingeniería líder mundial thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG BU Mining (“thyssenkrupp”) para evaluar el potencial de utilizar hidrógeno verde para alimentar el calcinador del Proyecto de Litio San José (“San José”, o “el Proyecto”) en la planta de conversión química de litio totalmente integrada (véase el anuncio de ASX del 6 de diciembre de 2021). También existe la posibilidad de utilizar hidrógeno verde para otras aplicaciones energéticas in situ.

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With fiscal headquarters in Cáceres ensures that the fiscal return remains in the region and will allow to attract more industry in the sector, positioning Extremadura at the forefront of electric mobility processes.

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The investment with the “invisible” project is “almost 200 million” higher than the initial one. When the license was granted in 2019 the lithium hydroxide, which will be transformed from lithium in the same plant, had a cost per ton of 6,000 euros, compared to more than 70,000 today. “Forecasts point to a long-term price above €50,000 per tonne. The difference with respect to 2019 allows us to afford the investment involved in the subway track,” Jiménez unpacks.

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