Michelin crossclimate 245 40 r17

Michelin crossclimate 245 40 r17

Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3

As in competition, for road vehicles there are different types of tires with different characteristics, which are suitable for one type of use or another: lower consumption tires, sportier tires, summer tires, winter tires, all-terrain tires…

For this other situation is when the winter tire is optimal, because at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius it offers more grip and shorter braking distance than the summer tire. All this in addition to the fact that it allows to move on snow or mud (up to a certain point, because everything has a limit).

However, it must be recognized that this is a nuisance (40% of drivers admit this), and it also costs money, since it is necessary to invest in twice as many tires. Moreover, winter tires were not infallible: they consume a little more fuel (a few tenths of a liter) and their grip and braking distance worsen at higher temperatures.

The reality is that this type of tire fulfills to some extent what it was intended to be, being a halfway mix of the two types, but in truth it is more like a winter tire than a summer tire. In cold weather and snow it does not perform badly, but the loss of performance in summer is noticeable, especially in terms of braking distance on dry ground.

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Tire pressure – Technical Tips Juan Rueda

The new Michelin Primacy 4 have been landing on the market since last January 2018. These tires are the cornerstone of the French firm for being its best-selling model and, in addition, its Trojan horse to combat the incorrect use of car tires.

It may seem strange, but it is true. As a new tire settles on our car, the same tire halfway through its life is able to brake better. For example, if the contact surface increases with the passage of kilometers and wear, the braking distance can be reduced while an optimal tread pattern distribution still ensures proper water evacuation.

As the tire adapts to each vehicle, rolling resistance is also reduced. The direct result of this wheel-to-car adaptation is an estimated fuel saving of approximately 4%.

In addition to the end customers, also the irrational use of tires means an estimated additional expense of 6.9 million euros throughout Europe and an environmental cost of 35% more waste, 6,600,000 tons in CO₂ emissions, the deforestation of 5,700 hectares and an energy consumption for their production of 32,800 gWh.

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MICHELIN Primacy 4+ test Is it the reference tire?

According to the parameters set out in the new European regulations for tire labeling, it has a fuel consumption index of C, a wet grip coefficient of A and a noise level of 71dB. They are recommended for summer.

To ensure maximum driving safety, it is necessary to follow a few simple basic tips. Many of them can be carried out by yourself, but do not hesitate to ask for professional help from The Tire House if you need it.

It is IMPORTANT that the customer himself checks the tires upon receipt and before fitting (or ask the professional fitter to do so thoroughly), in order to ensure conformity with the order and compatibility with the vehicle.

The customer may refuse delivery or inform La Casa del Neumático of the withdrawal, within a maximum of 14 days from the date of refusal of the goods or delivery, respectively.

With the entry into force of the new European regulations on the European labeling of tires there have been a number of changes. From La Casa del Neumático we want to guarantee your safety and facilitate the transition to this new legislation, so we offer you all the information about it.

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