Mano de santo limpiador carrefour

Mano de santo limpiador carrefour

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Clean the burnt of the pots Rubbing the rough part of a sponge against the stone and transferring the product to the burnt of a pot, we verify that it is able to clean and to eliminate all the residues of stuck and/or burnt food.

If the burning of the pot is very extended or takes a long time, it is convenient to soak the pot to soften the dirt and then clean it by replacing the sponge with a sponge, steel wool or scouring pad. Result: It works.2.

Clean grease encrustations from the base of a pot or pan Something that is really a headache is when we decide to clean the bottom or base of a pot or pan. Over time, grease sticks to the bottom of these utensils giving them a dark brown color and greasy texture. A good remedy is to apply a paste of baking soda and white vinegar to remove the dirt.In the case of the cleaning stone, it does work to remove the grime from the pots but, as long as you use bombril to remove the dirt. Result: it does work.3.

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That’s why Mano de Santo degreaser from Castro Industry will become your best ally. From its first use to make your clothes, floor, or any object shine and sparkle as it did the first day. In Castro Industries we have manufactured the ultimate degreaser and grease remover. You will remove grease stains, no matter what type they are, and no matter how stubborn they are, from any surface. Moreover, you will get it at the first time and without effort: the stains will come out as soon as you apply the product and rub.

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They also did not respect the 12 hours of rest between working days, many times I left at 11 p.m. and came in at 7 a.m. the next day. Then there were things that were obligatory but in bad taste, such as showing my backpack at the exit, all this in front of the customers.

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The relationship between my colleagues was always a warm atmosphere, always supporting us when we needed it, as well as generating friendships, which is very nice of me to be able to find that kind of actions.

And what I liked the most: The friendship that existed in the early days. Where they helped you and gave you a hand, if you were in need…. more4.0Staff for store | Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires | July 7, 2016It is a dynamic and modern company with great economic projectionsEight hours of work from Monday to Friday with a lunch break in the company’s dining room. Concentration on my quality team tasks. I didn’t like to leave pending issues for the next day if I could resolve them before I left. For example, when there were closings of quality reports, because the results were chained and the delay of one had repercussions in time and form in the final result and the presentation to Comex.

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