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This Lynk & Co 01 is striking. Not because of its forms, which being different from its competition are not very groundbreaking, but because after all it is an unknown brand in our country. And if on top of that, as happened to me, you carry a Swedish license plate will think “what a trip has been given with this car.

With these data comes the time to get inside the Lynk & Co 01. Although you may have been told or have read that this brand is manufactured in China, the quality of materials and adjustments are of a high level. And when I say this I mean Volvo level, a brand we all have more in mind.

The cockpit of the Lynk & Co 01 seems ergonomic to me, with large buttons all around you and close to your reach thanks to the raised center console. I also had a good opinion of the steering wheel, formed on both sides by a flat surface and within reach when we have taken the rim.

More things you should know about the interior of this Lynk & Co 01 before moving on to the rear seats. I really liked the sound quality of the equipment signed by Infinity with ten speakers (standard) and then has two curious details, those to brag to friends. On the one hand it has a camera in the interior rearview mirror that can take photos and videos both outside and inside, for sharing them later on social networks. It also has games on its multimedia screen, in the style of Tesla.

Lynk & co 01

The Lynk & Co 01 is a 5-door compact SUV and is the first model announced by Chinese brand Lynk & Co. The model has been developed together with Volvo, both entities being owned by Geely.

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The Lynk & Co 01 previously had the name Geely CX11. initially unveiled online in October 2016,[3] and went on sale on August 4, 2017.[4] The plug-in hybrid version was released on July 7, 2018 as the very first luxury SUV hybrid, produced by Lynk & Co. Its electric charging range reaches 51 kilometers.[5] The Lynk & Co 01 received a 5.5-star rating in the C-NCAP crash tests. The overall value reaches 60.1 points.

The Lynk & Co 01 is based on the modular compact architecture platform, which is also that of the Volvo XC40. The 01 will share many of its components with the XC40, including its electrical architecture, engines, and safety systems.[8] The car is under the control of a single-engine manufacturer.

The car is under the control of a shared digital key, capable of allowing whoever owns the car to provide access to other Lynk & Co. cars.[9] The car is 453 cm long, and will initially be powered by Volvo-sourced gasoline engines: 1.5-liter 3-cylinder or 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. These engines will be mated to two possible gearboxes: manual or seven-speed automatic.[10] The car is 453 cm long.

Lynk & co models

Suddenly, Volvo has become the alma mater of two other brands: Polestar and Lynk & Co. Two manufacturers that mix the Swedish technological rigor with the Chinese entrepreneurship of Geely, to launch new mobility alternatives with the technological base of the Swedish manufacturer. Polestar has opted for one hundred percent electric mobility with an exciting touch and Lynk & Co for revolutionizing, in a way, access to the car through new channels and new forms of use. But both with the technological base of the Swedish brand and, in this case, with the platform used by the Volvo XC40 as the basis on which to develop the product strategy.

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In the case of the Lynk & Co 01, the first model of the Chinese brand – so it is declared, although the development has been carried out in Gothenburg, the same as the Polestar or Volvo – is a clone – with certain qualms – of the Volvo XC40; and not only for what it hides in the technical part. Because the Chinese SUV shares style, dimensions, even controls and interior elements. The qualms come when we see, for example, details such as certain qualities in the materials, the appearance of the upholstery with some poor dark tones to the eye and even to the touch … That do not have much to do with the finishes, qualities and appearance of the Swedish model.

Lynk and go

En el impacto frontal, la protección de todas las zonas críticas del cuerpo tanto del maniquí de 6 años como del de 10 años fue buena, excepto la del cuello del maniquí de 10 años, cuya protección fue adecuada. En la prueba de barrera lateral, el Lynk & Co. 01 proporcionó una buena protección a todas las zonas críticas del cuerpo y obtuvo la máxima puntuación. El airbag del pasajero delantero puede desactivarse para permitir el uso de un sistema de retención infantil orientado hacia atrás en esa posición de asiento. Se proporciona información clara al conductor sobre el estado del airbag y el sistema fue recompensado. Todos los tipos de retención para los que está diseñado el 01 podían instalarse y acomodarse correctamente.

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El capó proporcionaba predominantemente una protección buena o adecuada a la cabeza de un peatón golpeado, con algunos resultados pobres en la base de los pilares rígidos del parabrisas. El parachoques protegía bien las piernas de los peatones en todos los puntos probados por Euro NCAP. La protección de la pelvis fue más variada, con algunos puntos de prueba que mostraban una buena protección y otros con resultados pobres. El 01 cuenta con un sistema de frenado de emergencia autónomo (AEB) que puede detectar a usuarios vulnerables de la carretera, como peatones y ciclistas, así como a otros vehículos. En las pruebas de Euro NCAP sobre su reacción ante ciclistas, el sistema funcionó bien, evitando colisiones en la mayoría de los escenarios probados. La reacción del sistema ante los peatones se calificó de adecuada. El 01 no tiene un sistema que ayude a evitar los accidentes en los que el coche da marcha atrás hacia los peatones.

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