La que se avecina trio

Fermín discovers Javi with Lola & Martina

María Adánez lost a lot of prominence in Aquí no hay quien viva. Just after breaking up with Alberto Caballero, her plots began to have less repercussion. And, her character was blurring until she lost the essence that characterized her, and she decided to leave the project. As if all this were not enough, the creator of La que se avecina began a courtship with one of the new actresses: Vanesa Romero. Vanesa and María worked together for a while. But, everything suggested that their relationship was quite tense. For that reason, the Pija decided to leave Aquí no hay quien viva.

I doubt it. Trio from Malaga.

After investing part of his inheritance in various businesses, Coque is overwhelmed by the obligations and responsibilities in his new role as a fishmonger and hotel businessman. In order to manage his business activities, he decides to hire Nadia.

Alba and Father Alejandro decide to take a radical turn in their lives by hanging up the habit and the cassock, respectively, and opening up to love. After her mother’s flight to Brazil, Yoli is forced to temporarily assume the presidency of Mirador de Montepinar.

  Los ultimos seran los primeros

A curulao is coming

The end of the eleventh season of La que se avecina meant the farewell of one of its most beloved characters: Javier Maroto. After 154 episodes, Antonio Pagudo leaves the comedy of the Caballero brothers for Telecinco.

The episode closes with Javi and Lola (Macarena Gómez) looking for a third person to continue their story of polyamory, after leaving Martina (María Hervás). The plot, therefore, is left wide open and hence the complaints from fans. Why didn’t Javi have a decent ending in ‘LQSA’? But everything has an explanation. When Antonio Pagudo announced he was leaving, this episode was already recorded. In fact, the scripts of the first chapters of season 12 were also written in which Javier Maroto was included, as Alberto Caballero explained a few weeks ago to ECOTEUVE.ES.

  Que es el dinero negro

From the words of the series creator it is understood that the new episodes will resolve what has happened to Javi: “The good thing is that the end of this season left you with a cool ending to justify the character’s exit in the following seasons”.

A brief summary of the year 2022

Already the bewilderment was absolute in the preview that could be seen at the end of the fourth chapter of ‘La isla de las tentaciones 3’ last Thursday. All when it was seen how Lola appeared in the room with another guy who was not Simone. In addition, it could be perfectly seen how she pulled down her pants and remained in her underwear.

“I don’t see any mouth other than Diego’s,” she said. Thus, it seems that the contestant is looking to take a step back and retract, although it is probably too late. In any case, that image was highly commented then and, once again, it arouses disbelief after this Tuesday, in Telecinco’s access, a special was broadcasted containing an exclusive preview.

  La marca de los cuatro

A very brief preview of what will be seen on Thursday in that room. And the truth is that it gives a total twist to everything because in that room is not only Carlos, but there is another person and you end up seeing three in bed. So the theory about a hypothetical threesome has spread and has generated reactions like these:

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