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Cristian Castro – La Malquerida (Cover Audio)

It is recommended to use Material Design components, as its color theme application system (such as the ?attr/colorSurface and ?attr/colorOnSurface theme attributes) provides easy access to appropriate colors. Naturally, you can customize these attributes in your theme.

Force Dark analyzes each light-themed app view and automatically applies a dark theme before it is drawn on the screen. Some developers use a combination of native implementation and Force Dark to reduce the amount of time needed to implement the dark theme.

If the app uses a dark theme (such as Theme.Material), Force Dark will not be applied. Similarly, if the app’s theme inherits from a DayNight theme, Force Dark will not be applied due to automatic theme switching.

For UI surfaces that are presented on the device, but not directly controlled, it is important to ensure that the views used reflect the theme of the host app. Two good examples are notifications and launcher widgets.

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Arkiu La Diferencia – Give Me More Party

In mid-2022, Konami and Netflix once again surprised Castlevania fans not with a game, but with a new animated project, as it announced a new series in the franchise, Castlevania: Nocturne, which would star Richter Belmont and Maria Renard. We already got a glimpse of the former, but until now Netflix has just let us get a glimpse of the dexterous sorceress.

Apparently, for the new animated series the artists preferred the model of Maria Renard seen in Symphony of the Night and The Dracula X Chronicles (2.5D reamke of Rondo of Blood). We say this because the animation (done by Powerhouse Animation artist kloysius) seems to capture more the art style and age of the Maria Renard from the former, but the clothing and some facial features of the young woman from the latter.

The animation is being handled by Project 51 Productions and Powerhouse Animation. The project involves producer Kevin Kolde, as well as creative and writer Clive Bradley. Samuel Deats, director of the Castlevania series for Netflix, and Adam Deats, co-director of the project and director of Powerhouse Animation, are also part of the animated series.

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MIGRANTES | Noche de Party [Official Video] [Official Video].

The soundtrack has been released covering two separate albums digitally: Neon White Soundtrack Part 1 – The Wicked Heart and the Neon White Soundtrack Part 2 – The Burn That Cures. Among the highlights of this dual album we can find “Glass Ocean”, “Virtual Paradise”, “Vainglorious Chorus”, “House of Cards”, “Rigged Game”, as well as “Piece of Mind” and Mikey and Violet’s motifs: “Heaven Central Authority” and that great “Bloody Sneakers” that dazzles on CD 2.

The label Mastard Records has been in charge of releasing on 3 CDs all the content of the Soul Hackers 2 Original Soundtrack, which includes the great tracks of “Hopeless Call” -sung by NAHO-, “Soul Hack”, “The Scent of Gunpowder”, “Eyes of the Iron Mask”, “The Road That Becomes a Tree of Mukuro”, “Battle of Devil Summoners”, the duo “Last Battle” / “Last Battle II” or that final “Fragments of Reminiscence”, performed again by singer NAHO.

In the new repertoire we find fantastic tracks such as the central “Al Fine (Whispers of Destiny)”, “Gh()st [Viola Battle Song]”, “Fertile Rondo”, “Night Shadows Dancing”, “Phenomenal Uncertainty”, the vocal “Moonlight Serenade (∞-Climax Mix)” or the ending “We Are As One”, performed by singer Rachel Hawnt. The soundtrack has not yet been released either in physical or digital format, but we assume it will be announced later, although we don’t know if Wave Master Entertainment will be in charge again.

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