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The terminal of the telephone tapping system installed in the National Police Headquarters picked up the call from the judge to the manager of Urbanism. Ignorant of the number of ears on the other side of the line, the judge told him with familiarity that he was sorry, that he had made a mistake in the procedure by which he had ordered the suspension of a television program dedicated to the patrimony of the aforementioned manager.

The error, due to the processing via complaint instead of denunciation, had forced him to file and restart the procedure through the correct channel, a moment taken advantage of by the local television channel, governed by a now deceased municipal policeman whose motivations were never made clear, to rebroadcast the program on loop.

That machine of buying wills, even if it was in its lowest hours of activity when it finally acted against Gilismo, was exposed thanks to two findings that have nothing to do with tigresses, cattle ranches, art or helicopters, no matter how spectacular they looked on television: the Excel files found during the searches ordered by Torres in the office of Maras Asesores and the handwritten documents contained in the brown leather Balenciaga briefcase that Salvador Gardoquí was holding tightly when the UDYCO agent told him to hand it over to him.

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Why did Jesús Gil go to jail?

Jesús Gil was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 58 people.

How much did Jesús Gil steal?

The civil liability amounted to 24,387,073.77 euros, plus interest, which was settled at 11,280,919.55. These amounts are paid through the sale of various real estate and corporate assets, mainly of Juan Antonio Roca [advisor and manager of Urbanism of Jesús Gil].

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On May 9, 2004 he suffered a cerebral thrombosis while he was at his estate in Valdeolivas. He died in Madrid on May 14 as a result of a cardiac arrest caused by this brain failure.[26] His wake was held at the Vicente Calderón Stadium and was attended by more than 15,000 people.[27] He is buried in the family pantheon in the Almudena cemetery.

Shortly after his death, in June 2004, the Supreme Court declared him acquitted by prescription of the crime of the Atlético case, accused by the Audiencia Nacional of misappropriation of Club Atlético de Madrid.[28][29] The same sentence declared him guilty of defrauding the club by simulation of contracts, although his conviction was extinguished by death.[30] The same sentence declared him guilty of defrauding the club by simulation of contracts, although his conviction was extinguished by death.[30] The Supreme Court declared him acquitted by prescription of the crime of the Atlético case.

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Cada vez sale más información incriminatoria sobre él. En concreto cómo utiliza sus lazos familiares con el ayuntamiento para hacer negocios. Ahora parece que también hay casos oscuros relacionados con el chiringuito de un socio ruso y propietario de un chiringuito en el municipio.

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Aunque parezca increíble, en Marbella hay chiringuitos bajo los que se han construido invisibles “auténticos búnkeres”. Se trata de grandes sótanos de hormigón, excavados profundamente en la arena, que se utilizan como “almacenes”. Además, su uso pasa totalmente desapercibido, ya que están totalmente ocultos a la vista.

Así se desprende de las conversaciones interceptadas por la Unidad de Delincuencia Económica y Fiscal (UDEF) de la Policía y desveladas por El chiringuito en cuestión es propiedad de Oleg Gurkov. Además, este empresario ruso ha sido detenido por blanqueo de capitales.

Según Salvador Campos, abogado ambientalista asociado a Ecologistas y Acción, se trata de “auténticos búnkeres”. Lo critica mucho porque los sótanos de hormigón dañan los arenales. Mientras que normalmente los chiringuitos forman estructuras temporales en las playas, la construcción de estos “búnkeres” bajo esas edificaciones temporales ha convertido los chiringuitos en estructuras permanentes.

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“The real amount of the damage caused by Gil to the municipal coffers is still difficult to quantify to date, but there is a concept that is clear, which is the money that should have been in the bank accounts and that simply was not there, that disappeared, and that we can be talking about more than 500 million euros,” said the Councillor for Finance of the City Council, Felix Romero. The calculation of this amount comes from “the actual debt that was unpaid and for which money had been collected” such as those contracted with the Social Security and the Treasury, which amounted to 400 million euros, “plus the 100 million that were necessary to request the Junta de Andalucía to cover the most urgent needs because that money was not in the box.

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On the other hand, he alluded to the existing social gap in Marbella, with “a number of neighborhoods and a social fabric that are in need of attention from the institutions” against the real estate boom of luxury construction, pointing out that “all that economic activity that is generated around the middle and high residential standing can have an impact on these underprivileged classes and make the whole municipality is growing in an even way.

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