Hyundai kona catalog

Regarding the colors that Hyundai offers for its Kona model you can choose from a total of 10 colors including the 5 colors that the brand has included for the remodeling of this new Kona.

Within the 10 colors the Korean manufacturer distinguishes between solid, pearl and metallic can choose the customer in the case of solid: Atlas White (White), Dive in Jeju (Blue), Ignite Flame (Red garnet). Within the pearlescent colors we find four colors: Phantom Black (Black), Dark Knight (Dark Grey), Pulse Red (Red), Misty Jungle (Dark Green). Finally among the metallic you can find: Cyber Grey (Dull Grey), Galactic Grey (Grey similar to silver) and Surfy Blue (Sea Blue). All these colors can be chosen with black roof (Phantom Black).

Regarding the engines of this new Hyundai Kona, the future customer and driver can choose between the variant T-GDI (gasoline) with or without hybridization, CRDI (diesel) all with hybrid technology.

Hyundai kona hybrid

The Hyundai Kona N Line X is the ideal car for those who want a powerful car with strong sporty dyes but without going to the radicalism of the newly released Hyundai Kona N. A car that mixes premium elements, sporty finishes and a 1.6 four-cylinder engine and 198 hp.

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The plastic wheel arches leave their place to other sheet metal, which takes away some country look to enhance its on-road potential, in addition to having some bumpers (front and rear) exclusive to increase its sportiness. Of course, Hyundai have managed to make one of their flagship cars very ‘pintón’.

The body in two-tone color, with red as the main protagonist and black as an auxiliary hue, allows it to be a real seducer for those looking for an urban SUV with large doses of sportiness. The price of this finish starts from 35,440 euros, an interesting cost, as it serves as an intermediate step between the most mundane versions and those signed by Hyundai N.

Hyundai n line

Hyundai confirmed just a few weeks ago the launch of a Hyundai Kona N. Yes, the newly updated crossover will have a very spicy sporty version. 280 hp to the front axle, a brutal tuning and a lot of sportiness in every way. The question was clear: Will there be a Hyundai Kona N Line? We already have the answer.

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After the launch and subsequent success of Hyundai’s N Line versions, which offer a sportier look and slightly firmer tuning, we were virtually certain that the Asian brand would also launch a Hyundai Kona N Line. Of course, more confidence was given by the launch of the N with its 280 hp.

The fact is that we have practically just arrived from the presentation of the Hyundai Kona 2021. Soon we will tell you all the details, versions and driving impressions of the model. But the question could not miss those responsible for communication. Yes, they confirmed that in spring, along with the Kona N, will also land the Kona N Line.

Hyundai connor

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