Goodyear vector 4 seasons opiniones

Goodyear vector 4 seasons opiniones

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These qualities could only be within the reach of specialists such as Goodyear, who have been working since 1892 to achieve the best quality in their products through a high dose of research and exhaustive testing, so if you don’t want to take any risks and want to have the best tires for every situation, the data makes it clear. The Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 will give you everything you need in any condition to enjoy driving in complete safety.

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Goodyear specialists recall that the new Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is equipped with Snow Grip technology, Dry Handling technology and Aqua Control technology, “so it was no surprise for Goodyear to see it in the top positions in the dry, wet and snow driving tests and in the subjective driving, snow braking, snow traction and wet braking tests. The tire also performed well in the quietness test and took first place in the rolling resistance tests.”

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Commenting on its performance, Benson stated, “The tire’s performance shows how much work Goodyear’s engineers have put into improving the already brilliant Vector 4Seasons Gen-2. Well done Goodyear, you should be very proud of this tire, it is excellent in virtually every category.”

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The tire giant Goodyear never ceases to surprise us, this time we present Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons, the tires famous for its adaptation to the most diverse conditions to which it is subjected and seasons.

Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons has an excellent grip, this in view of the fact that the tire works according to the demands of the road. The stiffness of the profile is seen as one of the best for its adjustment to every temperature.

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The rubber-silica mixture used for Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons guarantees a grip that very few tires can achieve. And as if that weren’t enough, the grip works perfectly in snow due to its three-dimensional tread pattern.

Goodyear vector 4 seasons opiniones en línea

An improvement specifically related to winter driving also corresponds to the 3D sipes with honeycomb technology, an ideal feature for icy and snow-covered terrain that has earned this model 3PMSF approval for the winter.

Consumer feedback on this model is also quite positive, not only in terms of technical features, but also from the point of view of price, which is considered absolutely in line with the quality of the product.

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