Diferencia entre 036 y 037

Diferencia entre 036 y 037

How to modify the type of activity in the 036 form

In addition to being used by Self-Employed, form 036 is the one to be used if you want to incorporate a company (Society). In this case, the difference is already clear: form 037 cannot be used to register a company.

Therefore, form 036 is the most complete and standard form, when you want to register with the Tax Agency, since all the options that a self-employed person could opt for in his activity appear and are included.

Therefore, before registering as Self-Employed, we must analyze which options we will need and the type of activity to be carried out. Depending on these aspects, it will be necessary to decide to fill in one form or another.

If as a Self-Employed, and for your activity, you must develop operations and services with other countries, and therefore, sell at a distance, the model that will allow you to indicate these options is the model 036.

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As many of you know, the model 036 (companies) and 037 (individuals) is used to communicate to the Tax Agency the registration of the business activity, the variations or modifications of the activity or the census cancellation of the company.

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This situation has changed in 2017 and some companies have already received penalties of up to €200. Therefore, it is important to remember the deadlines to which we must adjust to make the communications of these census forms.

The AEAT will open a sanctioning file to all those individuals and companies that fail to comply with these deadlines with a fixed sanction of 200 euros that can be reduced by 25% up to 150 euros if the payment is made during the voluntary period and in accordance with the sanction.

Cómo presentar un modelo 036 para hacer una baja en el

Modelos 036 y 037Skip índice de informaciónSolicitud de asignación de NIF a entidadesSiguiendo la declaración del estado de alarma por el RD 463/2020, se ha desarrollado este servicio no presencial para facilitar la presentación de la solicitud de asignación de NIF a entidades (Modelo 036), con el objetivo de mantener el servicio a los ciudadanos, sin necesidad de que realicen el trámite de forma presencial, y sin que se reduzcan las garantías exigidas por la norma.

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La presentación de la solicitud de asignación de NIF provisional a entidades sin necesidad de comparecencia en oficina, se admitirá en el Registro Electrónico de la Agencia Tributaria , en el procedimiento “Modelos 036 y 037- Solicitud de asignación de NIF a entidad – no presencial”.

Para ello, la persona que presente el Modelo 036, que podrá ser cualquier persona, dado que la presentación del Modelo 036 es un acto de trámite, deberá disponer de un certificado electrónico reconocido que le permita autenticarse en la Sede Electrónica de la AEAT y deberá seguir los siguientes pasos:

How to fill in the form 036/037 [Register as self-employed in

The self-employed who want to set up their new business will have to fill in a series of necessary documentation to start it up. Among them are the forms 036 and 037. In this article we will tell you what they consist of and what are the differences between model 036 and model 037.

First we will explain each one on its own side. Form 036 is the document in which we present the census data of the company to the Tax Agency. That is to say, it is used to register in the general regime. It is addressed to individuals (new self-employed) and legal entities (companies).

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On the other hand, form 037 is a simplified census declaration form. That is to say, it will be used by people who want to be part of the census of businessmen, professionals and withholders if they fulfill a series of requirements. These are:

The short answer is yes. In addition to being a request to register in an activity, they serve to notify changes to the Treasury, in the case that our identification data changes. For example, when a company moves and changes its fiscal address.

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