Dgt solicitar clave de acceso

Dgt solicitar clave de acceso

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In many cases, people who lose their wallets complain more about their cards and documents than about the money itself. On the one hand, because cash is becoming scarcer and scarcer, and also because of the hassle of obtaining duplicates of driving licenses, ID cards, credit cards, etc. The DGT warns drivers requesting a duplicate that if they lose the original, they must return it. to the provincial transit authority that issued it.

The DGT makes it clear. “Having the original of the permit or license and a duplicate thereof will result in the immediate seizure of the original for referral to the Provincial Transit Authority.” Likewise, if the alleged reason for obtaining a duplicate “turns out to be false”, this fact will be brought to the attention of the judicial authority, and may become a determining factor of criminal liability.

“If you change your address, you must communicate your new postal address to Traffic within 15 days so that our notices and messages reach you, avoiding, for example, that you do not know about the sanction notice and do not miss it. . its expiration date”, claim in the DGT.

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The Resolution of the Directorate General of Taxes, dated December 28, 2018 (BOE December 31, 2018), follows the guidelines in the transposition of Directive 2016/1065/EC on the minimum harmonization in VAT on convertible bonds in the Member States of the European Union.

The main objective of this amendment is to harmonize VAT in all EU Member States on the issuance of univalent and polyvalent bonds. In this way, difficulties and conflicts of competition, double taxation or non-taxation are avoided. At the same time, this amendment aims to ensure voluntary compliance with tax obligations and reduce tax fraud.

It is a type of voucher that at the time of delivery the good or service for which it is to be exchanged is unknown. The VAT treatment of its delivery cannot be determined. Example: gift voucher.

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If you have a pet and you are used to carry it in the car, do not forget that it can become a distraction that can cause an accident (by getting entangled between the driver’s legs, barking, jumping, …) or, if traveling loose, aggravate its consequences by hitting you or the other passengers.

For this reason, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has commissioned the Zaragoza Center (an important research institute) to carry out a study on the incidence of pets in traffic accidents. The aim is to raise awareness of the need to travel safely when transporting our pets. The research has focused especially on the transport of dogs, as this is the most common and largest type of pet that is usually transported inside a car.

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In the rest of the European countries the same line is maintained and only in Italy there is an express mention of pet transport. Specifically, its Highway Code prohibits carrying more than one pet in the car, and if there are more than one, they must go in a cage or specific container, or in the back, separated by a net or similar means.

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In the era when the internet revolutionizes almost every way of doing business, buying products or services, even the way we relate to each other in society, how could it not influence the change of ownership of your vehicle? Now it is much easier to transfer vehicles online and from home.

If you want to buy or sell your car, you must take into account that the transfer of vehicles is regulated by the Administration. Thus, you have to follow certain mandatory guidelines in order to make your car name change online safely and securely.

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The change of ownership of a car is a fundamental step that must be carried out at the Dirección General de Tráfico. Otherwise, the DGT will have no record that the vehicle is in the name of a new person. In this sense, the responsibility will fall on the person who appears in Traffic, that is to say, the seller of the vehicle.

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