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The Francisco de Vitoria University was born with the conviction that the university institution must be more than just professional training: it must be the place where, in the face of the culture of immediacy, the fundamental questions are posed, the beacon that orients and gives meaning to our times.

Research is an essential function of the university institution. The generation of new knowledge has made society progress from prehistoric times to the present day, and this basic university function is also transferred to students through the broadened and deepened knowledge that professors achieve through study and research.”

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29 Jun, 2021Did you know that not all license plates are the same? In some cases, the meaning of the letters on license plates is more important than in others. As a general rule, they are a mere identifier of the vehicle, but there are cases in which the letters have a special relevance.

Currently, there are several types of special license plates, depending on the type of vehicle or the official sector to which they belong. Be aware that some of these license plates may have gone unnoticed until now.

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Each police vehicle has a special license plate depending on the body to which it belongs. For this reason, the Civil Guard and the National Police have special vehicles, as well as the regional police.

The Royal House is one of the most exceptional cases if we talk about special license plates. They are cars that are allowed to circulate with license plates that do not have numbering and bear the symbol of the crown.

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This registration serves census and consular protection purposes and is therefore very useful for the Mexican government, particularly in cases of natural disasters or political or social events that could affect the safety of Mexicans in the countries where they are located.

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The certificate of consular registration is a document that can be requested and issued once the consular registration procedure has been completed at the corresponding consular office, upon payment of a fee.

For the issuance of the certificate of consular registration to minors who have been adopted under adoption regimes other than full adoption, in addition to complying with the requirements established in Articles 9 and 14 of the Consular Registration Regulations, a certified copy of the Mexican judicial resolution and the order by which it became enforceable must be presented, as well as the certificate issued by the civil registry office, both of the adoption and of the birth certificate with the marginal annotation of said adoption.

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The Department of Admissions and Academic Records informs the entire University community that the 2023 first semester financial tuition review applications have been scheduled on the following dates:

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